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Attanagalle Rajamaha Viharaya Buddhist Temple

Attanagalla Rajamaha Viharaya is one of the most famous ancient royal temples in Sri Lanka. According to legend, King Sri Sangabo’s brother Gothabhaya (249-262 A.D.) built a Stupa (Pagoda) at the place where his brother, Sri Sangabo, made the great sacrifice of giving his head in gratitude for a favor he received from a poor and ordinary countryman. But now Archeologists believe that the location is probably the HatthikucchiVihara Complex which is located about 40 kilometers away from Anuradhapura.

Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya Buddhist Temple

The Kelaniya Raja MahaVihara or Kelaniya Temple is an important and historic Buddhist temple, 28.2 kms from Wasala. Buddhists believe the temple to have been hallowed during the third and final visit of the Buddha to Sri Lanka, eight years after gaining enlightenment. Its history would thus go back to before 500 BCE.The Mahawansa (history of the Sinhalese) records that the original stupa at Kelaniya enshrined a gem-studded throne on which the Buddha sat and preached. The temple flourished during the Kotte era but much of its land was confiscated during the Portyguse occupation of the island. Under the Dutch colonist, however, there were new gifts of land and under the patronage of King Kirthi Sri Rajasingha the temple was rebuilt. It was refurbished in the first half of the 20th century. The temple is also famous for its image of the reclining Buddha and paintings by the Sri Lankan artist Solias Mendis which depict important events in the life of the Buddha, in the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, also incidents from the Jataka tales. An 18-foot stone statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara has been erected at the temple.

Maligathenna Rajamaha Viharaya Buddhist Temple

A rock cave temple that was built by king Walagamba at of Anuradhapura. According to historical records this temple provided shelter for 'Arhath' monks with its calm and cool atmosphere. The temple has several caves which have been utilized for the Viharageya and, quarters for monks. There is a dageba called 'akashachaithya' which is on huge rock with a panoramic view of the villageSinhala kings had used this temple to protect the most sacred tooth relic of lord Buddha during invasions from India. There are many sites to explore at this mysterious temple.

Henarathgoda Botanical Garden

Gampaha Botanical Garden, also known as Henarathgoda Botanical Garden is situated in the suburb of Gampaha. It was established in 1876 by the British to conduct experiments on exotic economic plants such as Rubber, and explore plant wealth and development of economy in the colony. The first imported rubber tree to Sri Lanka was first planted in this garden and it was the first seedlings of Brazilian rubber tree ever planted in Asia. The garden consists of a large variety of plants and many of them are from every corner of the tropical world it is expanding over 43 acres and situated next to the Attanagalu Oya and surrounded by paddy fields, a man-made green environment and a secondary forest as well laid out with lots of interesting sections, eye-catching landscaping and many shrubs, bushes and trees. The garden hosts an extensive collection palms, orchids and trees endemic to the country. It is also home to nearly 80 bird species including ten endemic species, 18 species of mammals including the flying squirrel and 12 species of butterflies and 10 species of dragonflies. It is divided in to an orchid garden, which hosts a rare specimen of Queen of Orchids(Cattleya), forest path, palms garden, Japanese Garden, Educational garden and a medicinal garden, which houses a collection of trees producing arrow poison from Africa and Malaysia.